The Pink Pumps started life in 1980 following the demise of power pop / punk pioneers the Jeff Hill Band who released two excellent and now rather collectable singles. The drummer for the JHB was Dave Buckley who felt he had some unfinished business with the JHB legacy.

Dave joined forces with bass player / singer Ken Bennett and a succession of guitarists and gigged and recorded steadily for three years until due to the lack of a like minded regular fret melter, the band folded having gathered a reputation for killer live shows.

Fast forward to Spring 2011 and Ken and Dave decided it was time to get together and do a proper job in re recording some of the demo’s the original band had laid down all those years before! They were joined by guitarist / singer Roman Wieckowski previously with 80’s rockers Dante Fox and Drive North West whom Dave was also a member of.

The original idea of being a recording project with the potential to do some gigs changed in Autumn 2011 when Dave, (still a member of Drive North West) and the rest of DNW decided to disband. With this in mind he, Ken and Roman recruited a suitably energetic drummer in Mark Petherbridge as Dave switched from drums to guitar and singing.

At the time of writing in Autumn 2012, the band are busy gigging in their chosen genre of Power Pop….strong songs, both originals and covers by the likes of the Who, Big Star, Badfinger and the like. With three front line singers and a killer lead guitarist in Roman the band have managed to capture some of the live feel on their first single, albeit 30 years late!

“Every Night” and its B Side “Not My Idea Of Love” are classic Power Pop, both clocking in at less than 2 ½ minutes and effortlessly etching themselves on your memory! And happily, you won’t have to wait another 32 years for the next instalment as three more singles have already been recorded and are waiting in the wings….!